“The first book anyone seeking a layman's understanding of the science of global warming should read.”
-Popular Mechanics

“It's an important subject, and Wolfe and Schmidt make a compelling case that we should care.”
-NPR’s The Picture Show

“Schmidt and Wolfe bring together an impressive array of contributors to provide lucid, informative discussions of the key issues in climate science and policy.”
-Nature Reports Climate Change

“It will leave you both in awe of the Earth we inhabit and of the science itself, with all of its uncertainties and incomplete answers.”
-Seed Magazine

"Schmidt and Wolfe’s new book is worth the modest asking price many times over. The number of breathtaking images and fascinating lessons that can be drawn from them exceed the scope of any review ... The illustrations are clear, text does not run into or overlap them, diagrams are straightforward, and the information that goes along with the pictures is easy to follow for even a casual reader, not to mention completely apolitical. The latter is not an accident: as the title suggests the authors choose to let the science and pictures make the case for them. In my opinion they succeed wildly."
-Daily Kos

“From discussions of increasing drought, forest fires, and extreme storms to the deadly buildup of industrial and agriculture chemicals, the coverage is clear and bracing.”

“I think that Gavin Schmidt and Joshua Wolfe have teamed up to produce exactly what we need. The book is fantastically accessible, it's beautiful to look through and it opens up in a way that I don’t think exists in any other text.” 
-Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director, Earth Institute at Columbia University

In this groundbreaking book, published by W.W. Norton & Company in April 2009 NASA climate scientist Gavin Schmidt and photographer Joshua Wolfe illustrate as never before the ramifications of shifting weather patterns for human society. Photographic spreads show us retreating glaciers, sinking villages in Alaska’s tundra, and drying lakes. The text follows adventurous scientists through the ice caps at the poles to the coral reefs of the tropical seas. Marshalling data spanning centuries and continents, the book affirms the headlines with cutting-edge research and visual records, including contributions from experts on atmospheric science, oceanography, paleoclimatology, technology, politics, and the polar regions.